Your requirements determine the solution!

Your requirements determine the solution!

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SAP’s product lifecycle management (PLM) system provides with its document management module and the integration into material master, project management, procurement and manufacturing all functions that companies need to realize a full blown engineering information platform. It is for SAP customers already available and the only question is when to utilize it.

The Document Management
(DM) is the base of all product data and lifecycle management systems. With the capability to collect, manage and distribute documents you can use SAP to built the foundation of your PLM system. A sophisticated change management draws a bridge from engineering and design, production, and maintenance management – ensuring consistency of product knowledge and documentation.

The integration in your material management, already managed by your SAP system, gives you the chance to establish a Product Data Management (PDM) system without duplicating existing information. SAP will be the single source of truth with a 360-degree-support for all product related processes.

With Software from our sister company CIDEON Software we are enhancing document related processes. CIDEON SAP PLM Products are designed to automate document processes and answer project related questions.
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  • The processes to collect, clean, prepare and migrate, especially 3D CAD files but also other data with high dependencies can be very time consuming. CIDEON Import supports us in our implementation projects to read, analyze and import legacy files into SAP.
  • Generally every software application user has to take care about of a lot of repeating document processes on a daily base. For example to update properties or title blocks in a document or drawing or to transfer information into SAP fields after changes in the documents. Another example it the creation of viewing formats like PDFs. CIDEON Conversion Engine takes care of these tasks, in the background and SAP controlled.
  • More automation is possible if all information is in one available system. CIDEON Output Management is not only able to stamp and watermark documents and drawings during the printing process or by copying into an email, but also to collect all related information. If the procurement department issues a purchase order, our output management system collects all related information like the specification, the drawing and the PO created one PDF and attaches a copy at the email. The same by issuing a production order and so on.

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