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Our customers are engineering driven. They are designing, manufacturing or maintaining consumer products, machines, plants or infrastructures. To know their challenges is the base to provide the right solution and to meet their requirements. If one of the following topics is one of your important business challenges we should start to discuss how SAP PLM can support you to meet these:
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Time To Market

The time our customers have to bring products from the idea or the customer's requirement to the market is shorter than ever. Not only is research time increasing, the product variety is growing. We cannot meet this challenge without comprehensive product lifecycle management and adequate IT support.
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Globalization will increase and we have to manage this challenge. On the one hand, we have to share our engineering information with partners, customers and suppliers all over the world. On the other hand, we have to protect our knowledge and our market leadership. This is only possible with IT tools, controlling the process, workflow, and access to our information.
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Quality improvement

Achievement of a consistent level of high quality is required for available information to be correct, up to date, and accessible. Advanced IT systems are supporting this requirement. Unique statuses in a defined and transparent workflow make sure the information is up to date and available for the users when they need them.
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Decrease costs

Engineers spend less than 60% of their time on engineering tasks. The rest of their time is used to search, validate and organize information. Our solutions automate recurring processes, decrease costs and improve engineering information integrity.
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