CIDEON Service Portal - Customer Support

CIDEON Service Portal - Customer Support

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Our software is continuously updated and based on the current technical requirements of the market it is further developed. Upon signing a maintenance contract our customers participate in software maintenance and new product releases. Thus we provide our customers security in their investment for our software products.

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Our software support for a standard maintenance contract includes the following:

  • Software Product Release and Product Update Service
    This includes periodic product updates and new product releases, documentation, general patches in the form of service packs (SV) and customization to align with operating system software and application software for example CAD and SAP release updates. These updates are available for downloading by the customer from the CIDEON Software Portal or upon request the CD can be mailed (customer is responsible for the shipping costs).
  • Hotline-Service
    The CIDEON Software Hotline service is available for all customers with a maintenance contract  in order to assist in resolving software problems. They can be reached by telephone and email.
  • Support request
    Effective immediately, support requests for all CIDEON Software products and modules can be submitted via a central web-based tracking tool. This service feature is based on SAP’s Solution Manager and can be reached via the URL .

         Please note the support requirements
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In addition to the standard software maintenance contract, we also offer our customers:

No Defect Support
With this service form of remote support the customer is able to get additional assistance beyond standard maintenance for example customer specific enhancements, typical consulting services, problem analysis and problem solving outside the group of CIDEON products (for example SAP PLM Support, transports installation, problems with network of operation systems...).
By using this service customers ensure the uninterupted operation of their software in their specific customer environment and thereby the reduction of unplanned downtime and an increase in the availability of business processes.

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Logo V6 Software Partner   CIDEON is SAP Platinum Partner

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Phone: (484) 532-7800


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