Optimized Product Development with SAP PLM

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“Unlimited use and to be able to roll the system independently out to other sites was a major goal of this project.”

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After years of successfully working with its document management system, Borealis AG was looking for strategies of optimizing the information exchange with its outside product development partners. At the same time, the efficiency of the internal file system had to be significantly improved. The CIDEON solution: An SAP based document management system enhanced with CIDEON standard software what made it possible to prepare Borealis’ staff for an independent rollout.
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About Borealis

“Shaping the Future with Plastics” is the slogan of Borealis, a world market leader in the petrochemical industry. The company has been successfully operating in the plastic products market for more than 40 years. With a staff of 4,500 people and sites in eleven countries, the company generated sales totaling five billion Euros in 2006. The company has ambitious plans for the future and is aiming at becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative plastic solutions. The high demands placed on the efficiency of the company’s product development are derived from its goal of becoming an innovation leader. To improve its efficiency, the company recently introduced the PDMS (Plant Document Management System) as a high-performance document management system. The growing demands of the different departments have however stretched the existing system to its limits. Borealis was therefore forced to look for another solution.
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A system was required which enabled the current AutoCAD version to be used at all times what was not possible in the past. In addition, all Borealis sites were to have unlimited access to PDM system which was not only supposed to be available in a standard version for all European production sites but also able to facilitate an intensive collaboration between the business partners. This aspect is especially important since Borealis is carrying out a large part of its development work together with outside service providers. For quite some time now many departments within the company were already using SAP. That is why Borealis was looking for a solution which could use the existing SAP infrastructure and extend its functionality with the help of new tools.
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CIDEON CAD Collaboration

CIDEON CAD Collaboration is making an important contribution towards a smooth integration of the work with outside business partners. The interface tool for importing and exporting documents enables outside design engineers to use the Borealis document management system at their own site. This does not require a further client application through the user. Access to the company’s net is provided through the usual terminal applications (CITRIX). The exported documents are given the status “exported” by default by the SAP system. As requested by Borealis, the users can decide if they want to use the tag or not.

Higher efficiency with CIDEON Software programs

As soon as a document has been released in SAP by the user the CIDEON Conversion Engine automatically generates a PDF document and assign it to the corresponding Document Information Record (DIR). In addition to the tools used to integrate outside business partners and to generate neutral and exchange formats, Borealis was also looking for an efficient solution for the batch plotting and for importing existing design documents into the SAP system while accounting for individual attributes. This is why CIDEON Output Management and CIDEON Import PDM were also installed.

Independent Rollout and Unlimited Use

Along with the installation of the technical infrastructure, the transfer of technical knowledge to the Borealis staff involved in the project was another important task of the project partners SAP Benelux and CIDEON. The goal of the intensive training was to provide the group’s project team with the required knowledge about the SAP document management system and the CIDEON solutions to be able to extend the following rollout to other sites and also to be able to perform the maintenance work independently. This was an unconventional and initially comparably costly solution which in hindsight, however, was worth the extra effort. In exceptional cases only Borealis had to turn to outside partners during the further course of the project. A group license gives Borealis unlimited use of the CIDEON solutions for all of its sites. The company can also add new users as required. Borealis is also not limited to a daily print output with its Plot Management. So, Borealis possesses a document management system which can be updated in step with the company’s development.
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Products used for Borealis’ solution:

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