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"The entire lifecycle is controlled so we don't need
to manage it, it's managed for us."

Joe Schmitz, Greenheck
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About Greenheck

Founded in 1947, Greenheck is the world leader in developing and marketing products providing air movement and control in commercial and industrial applications. Based in Schofield, Wisconsin, Greenheck has approximately 2600 employees and annual sales in excess of 0-million. Most of its manufacturing is done in the US, with additional plants in both Mexico and China.
Users of Medusa CAD software from 1988 to 1994, Greenheck converted to AutoCAD for 2D modeling in the mid-90s, later adding IronCAD for 3D modeling. It migrated to Autodesk's Inventor 3D software a few years later, when it focused solely on CAD/CAM products from Autodesk.
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Five years ago, Greenheck was installing SAP company-wide.  "It was our intent to get all our drawings in one place, under the SAP umbrella," recounts Joe Schmitz, CAD/CAM System Integrator.

"With AutoCAD, IronCAD and Autodesk Inventor, we had three CAD systems and a legacy PDM system developed in house that used a SQL database holding all of our 200,000 drawings.  The PDM system could manage AutoCAD drawings but not 3D Inventor models or the complex relationships of assemblies that exist in Inventor."

Bottom line: Greenheck needed a solution to effectively manage all its models – one that integrated seamlessly with SAP.
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Greenheck brought CIDEON people in-house to conduct a workshop with a PLM (product lifecycle management) team from all Greenheck product groups. The Greenheck team was shown how the SAP Integration  functioned and how it interfaced with Greenheck's existing Autodesk CAD and Inventor 3D software installations. The workshop educated individuals from all Greenheck product areas – fans and ventilators, louvers, dampers, makeup air (the devices that replace air exhausted from buildings), kitchen ventilation, and centrifugal and vane axial systems.
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Products used for Greenheck's solution:

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