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“This means a great savings in time.”

Michael Blume, Krone Group

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About Krone

High-quality agricultural machines and utility vehicles are the specialty of Krone. This is where the company has earned its international reputation in its more than one hundred years of existence. Krone is a world leader in the field of grassland harvesting technology. It is also the second largest trailer manufacturer in Europe. With more than 2,000 employees, the Krone Group generated record sales. This trend is likely to continue in the near future. This equals a solid double-digit growth rate!
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The Challenge

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The success of the Krone Group has led to a growing number of staff being employed in the design and production departments. The company’s business processes must be constantly upgraded to ensure that the increasing complexity of the company’s internal procedures does not slow down the company’s growth. This is where document management plays a key logistical role at Krone.
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The Solution

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On completion of the product design and definition process information needs to be delivered to suppliers, customers, production departments and manufacturing. Output management enables you to deliver final product information in different formats at different locations.

You can print documents, plot drawings, create neutral view file formats from documents, and collect files and information on CD/DVD, send to mail systems and give to cFolders.
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Products Used for KRONE's Solution:

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