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"It was important to store the data in a way so they could be issued in any required language"

Hubert Erpenbeck, VEKA
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About VEKA

VEKA is a world-leading manufacturer of plastic profile systems for windows, doors, shutters and plastic boards. The company was established in 1969 and is now represented on three continents with more than 3,000 people in 28 subsidiary companies, processing more than 200,000 tons of PVC. The group is continuing to grow with new companies being established and extensive investments are planned.

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The internal throughput of design data is growing along with the growth of the company. The introduction of new products, sites and languages meant that the traditional ways of using CAD files and drawings could no longer cope with the dynamic growth of the company. A high-performance filing system was required which could handle the great increase in the volume of CAD, drawing and meta data.
The new system was meant to not only support the AutoCAD files but also the documents of the 3D CAD system CATIA V5. Special conditions applied to the transfer of knowledge between the design engineers and the international production sites. These procedures had to become more efficient with authority over the standards and development remaining with the group’s head office.
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The CIDEON Conversion Engine automatically generates a PDF document of all released CAD drawings in each language. If an SAP user requests the PDF version of a drawing, then the locally selected language is automatically recognized and the corresponding document is made available. Versions in other languages and the AutoCAD original cannot be accessed.

A positive side effect of using the PDF format is the comparably small size of the files. An important factor for the success of a project is its acceptance by the users. The positive experiences here show that this was a worthwhile investment for VEKA. This successful solution is now being used by VEKA on its new international markets.
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